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Lightning fast deployment for Ruby apps with near zero configuration directly to your Server. No Hassle, No More Pain.

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Focus in your business and spend less time in deployment.

Deploy Apps For Every Type Of Business

  • Modern Stack

    We set up your Web Server, Ruby, Database, and more on your chosen cloud platform.

  • Automatic HTTPS

    Stay secure with automatic TLS certificate provisioning for all your projects.

  • Go Deploy

    Effortless deployment - just push your code and we handle the rest.

  • Managed Database

    Instantly provision your preferred database on your server.

  • Background Job

    Easily configure your worker directly from WrappedBy without manual setup.

  • Multiple Ruby Version

    Of course. WrappedBy automatically recognize and install your project's Ruby version.

  • Auto-Assigned Domain

    Each project gets a unique subdomain on WrappedBy for a quick start.

  • My Domain

    Sure! Use your own domain, simply enter it and we manage the routing.

  • Server Monitoring (Coming Soon)

    Monitor server health, including Disk Space, CPU, and RAM. We will notify your server's health.

  • Database Backups (Coming Soon)

    Safely back up your database to your preferred object storage like AWS S3 or Cloudflare R2.

  • Scheduling (Coming Soon)

    Schedule recurring tasks using predefined settings or custom cron expressions.

  • Log Access (Coming Soon)

    Conveniently inspect server and project logs right from WrappedBy.

works with popular frameworks

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  • One Server
  • Two Projects
  • Unlimited Deployments
  • Automatic Deployment (Git Integration)
  • Managed Database
  • Community Support
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Coming Soon

Everything in Hobby, plus more freedom.

  • Unlimited Server
  • Unlimited Project
  • Database Backups
  • Instan Rollbacks
  • Slack & Email Notifications
  • Server Metric Monitoring
  • Email Support